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Edmond Dantes

My partner and I were in Croatia for two weeks and booked at the last minute. We rented our car from M.A.C.K’s Zagreb office. Elizabeta was superb – professional, personable and very friendly – just what you need when hiring a car abroad. Everything was explained, the rate was excellent and Elizabeta couldn’t have done more to accommodate our requirements. At our request, we picked the car up in the city centre and dropped it off at the airport. A very helpful colleague of Elizabeta, Christian, was at the airport to receive the car having called us 30 mins prior to our agreed arrival to make sure we knew where to drop the car off – which was most reassuring. The car itself was super. We received a very personal service at every stage which made all the difference. The strength of a company is in their people and those in the Zagreb office are very obviously getting it right. Thank you very much Elizabeta and Christian.


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